Boykinia aconitifolia



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Boykinia aconitifolia


Sprays of cream stars sparkle through summer from Boykinia aconitifolia Brook Foam.

Hardy groundcover under trees and shrubs

It makes a hardy groundcover, spreading happily in the Dappled Light and Deep Shade under trees and shrubs, or between buildings.
And the unusual peppery fragrance is a real treat when your groundcover mass flowers in summer. 
The foliage clump is also decorative and pretty, and the heads of white flowers shine in the shade.
So Boykinia aconitifolia Brook Foam is a very easy plant to have. Especially if you also have trees, shrubs or shade from tall buildings.

Growing: Boykinia aconitifolia

(Also known as: Brook Saxifrage and Allegheny Brook Foam)

– Height with flowers: 25cm approx. The white heads stand proud and beaming above the foliage.
– Width: Forms a neat foliage clump to a diameter of 30cm – 45cm approx.
– Position: Boykinia enjoys Deep Shade as well as Partial Sun.
So it is perfect planted as a decorative groundcover under trees and shrubs.
– Soil: Bouncy little Boykinia grows happily in most soils.
So it can be found in all soil types, from sandy to clay.
Likewise it is not fussy about soil pH, and will grow easily in soils on either the acid or alkaline lime side of neutral.
And it prospers with mulch, leaf litter, or compost under the trees and shrubs; to even out the moisture content. 
However it will positively romp with more moisture, and can tolerate periods of wet soil without sulking.

– Frost: Boykinia aconitifolia is reliably frost hardy, as it can tolerate frosts down below -10C.
– Growth:
Evergreen Perennial
– Beneficial for wildlife:
Bees and other beneficial pollinating insects love the sweet flowers.

– Care: Boykinia aconitifolia is an easy, low care plant once it is established.
So there is little if any work to do, other than perhaps pulling off the spent flower stems after blooming.
It will thank you for a spring feed by producing even more flowers – But wont complain if you forget. And it will certainly thank you for mulch or compost. 
But it is rarely if ever plagued by any pests or diseases.
Boykinia just quietly gets about it’s business under the trees and shrubs, with little to no attention from you.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant:
Not first choice, though not immune of they are starving.
– Origin: Native to the Appalachians in USA.


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