Bletilla striata ‘Albostriata’



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Bletilla striata ‘Albostriata’


Rich pink, silky orchid flowers dance on 30cm. stems.
And the pleated leaves are edged with white.
As Bletilla striata ‘Variegata’, the Variegated Chinese Ground Orchid, wanders about on runners in the shade, and pops up with flowers here and there.
So it is not invasive, but definitely delightful.

Tough survivor but looks delicate

Delicate and refined looking, with white marginned and pleated Iris like leaves. Plus those divine pink and siken orchid flowers.
But despite the exotic appearance, Bletilla striata ‘Variegata’ is actually a tough survivor.
So it is hardy to dry and frost and makes ideal colour for deep shade or dry shade gardens.

Growing: Bletilla striata ‘Albostriata’

– Height with flowers: Orchid flowers are borne on clean stems to 30cm. approx.
– Width: Each plant will spread to a diameter of 30cm approx. but sparsely.
So it is ideal left to meander around amongst other plants, popping up with a stem where it will.
– Position: Shade and dappled light underneath trees and shrubs is the happy place for a Bletilla.

– Soil: Bletilla love rambling around in the leaf litter underneath trees and shrubs, or in garden loam in a shaded garden.
They enjoy mulch, and like to be well drained. But they resent being waterlogged.
– Water-wise: Bletilla are not particularly thirsty plants, once they are established. And the mulch and leaf litter they like helps to keep the soil moisture up. They can survive some periods of dry because of their storgae rhizomes. 
– Frost:
Bletilla striata alba is extremely frost hardy, because it can resist frosts to below -20C.
– Care: Very low maintenance.
So they are perfectly happy if you just leave them alone.
So rewarding for so little work. And are virtually disease and pest free.

– Fragrance: Bletilla flowers have a sweet, subtle perfume. Although it is not strong, they are certainly worth taking a sniff. 
– Growth: Bulb like underground rhizome growth (a pseudobulb).
– Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and other pollinators are very happy to work the Bletilla flowers.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Both pests tend to leave them alone, as it seems there is a compound within the plant that they dislike.
– Origin: Bletilla dwell in the woodlands and forests of China, Japan and Tibet.


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