Aster viminalis alba



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Aster viminalis alba


Clouds of fine white, true old fashioned Easter Daisies make a huge show in autumn.
Aster viminalis alba stems are 90cm. tall, and are completely self supporting and weather proof despite their impressive height and mass of blooms.
(Scroll down to “Growing” section for plant details & growing advice).

A great show in garden and vase

Mists of these fine flowers last for Gran’s ages in both the garden or your vase.
They are superb cut flowers because they last so long.

Best neglected

Plant in Full Sun to Part Shade.
These are the most forgiving and generous of plants, as they give their best even when neglected and forgotten. T
hen when they erupt in a mass of autumn bloom, suddenly you cannot miss them.
Ideally planted at the back of a bed so they are invisible until autumn when they steal the show.
An open and airy situation is best if available.

No fuss & water wise

These old-fashioned beauties are as tough as old boots, despite looking so dainty and pretty.
Hardy in frost, heat, drought and just about anything else that comes their way.
Not a bit fussy about soil type.
This variety is also hardy against mildew (a problem that besets some of the Asters).
They are a very water-wise choice, as they have a low water need, and can withstand periods of heat and dry well.

Hardy & adaptable

They are one of a small band of plants that can thrive in clay soils, as well as tolerate a degree of salt in the soil and water. 
The only real work is to slash them back to ground level when blooming is done, so they can happily re-shoot again next spring. Some fertilizer in the spring will reward with an even more bumper autumn show, but they will forgive you if you forget.

Growing: Aster viminalis alba

Height with flowers: 90cm approx. in a great cloud of misty white.
Width: Makes a neat clump, and will gently spread to as far as you would like it to go. But not invasive
Position: Full Sun to Part Shade. 
Soil: They really don’t mind much, and are not a bit fussy.
Though they do object to being waterlogged.
But will grow in soils from sandy to clay, from acid to alkaline lime soils, and are one of few plants that can thrive in clay.
Fragrance: None, but you cannot have everything.
Frost: Very hardy in even hard frosts to -10C.
Growth: Hardy perennial clump. Tall when in flower, but a neat, low evergreen foliage when not in flower.

Low maintenance and loved by pollinators

Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and butterflies adore them.
Care: Very easy, low care, low maintenance. Spring feed and winter shear is all that is required. 
Deer & Rabbit resistant: They are not particularly palatable to rabbits or deer. 
Myths & Legends: Old fashioned Easter Daisies, or to give them their other popular common name of Michaelmas Daisies, were very popular in Victorian times when the language of flowers was in everyday use. In the language of flowers, Asters convey love or an appreciation of daintiness to a loved one.
The word Aster, is Latin for Star, and the word Daisy comes from “Days Eye”, meaning they open up their golden eyes.


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