Aster macrophyllus



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Lovely twilight shades of blue in this fine Easter Daisy. Produces clouds of misty lavender-blue small daisies, with fine ray petals, on upright 60cm stems. It’s delicate appearance disguises a tough constitution. Excellent cut flower. Prefers some shade-some sun, so 1/2 Shade, or Dappled Sunlight is perfect. Native habitat is amongst trees and shrubs in open woodland, but it is not fussy. Very tolerant of less than ideal soil, including clay. Frost hardy. can also cope with periods of dry, particularly if it gets some shade. Can be used as foliage groundcover on slopes to help stabilize. Hardy, easy and low maintenance.

– Height with flowers:
– Width:
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– Soil:
– Fragrance:
– Frost:
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