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Artemisia vulgaris

‘Oriental Limelight’


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Artemisia vulgaris ‘Oriental Limelight’

Light green foliage that is brightly splashed and striped with a yellowish cream. Artemisia vulgaris ‘Oriental Limelight’ is a hardy and slow spreading ground cover that will bring light and interest to a dull area. Artemisia vulgaris works as a great bug repelling plant due to the oils in the plant.

Growing: Artemisia vulgaris ‘Oriental Limelight’

Height with flowers: 40cm. approx.
Width: 50cm. approx.
Position: Full Sun, dry and very well drained. Relishes hot, dry, windy, seaside positions. The tougher the conditions the better. Tolerates extremes of cold and heat, frost, and dry conditions.
Soil: Enjoys soils with excellent drainage, and thoroughly enjoys sandy, also gravel or rocky soils. Thrives in soils with poor nutrient levels. Accepts average garden loam happily, but do not feed with fertilizer, manure or compost. It will tolerate dry and drought like conditions once established with ease. 
Frost: Hardy.
Growth: Evergreen Perennial bush.

Other benefits

Fragrance: Pleasantly aromatic leaves, with the scent especially pronounced after rain and in heat.
– Beneficial for wildlife: Valued to native bees and also to small animals by providing nesting materials.

Care: The only work needed is an annual hard cut back, It doesn’t actually like any fertilising or rich compost at all.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Thank the gods of gardening because chewing pests are repelled by the bitter taste because of the volatile oils in the foliage. 

Naturally drought resistant 

Origin: Native to Texas, Arizona in North America. Also Northern Asia and Eurasia.


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