Artemisia vulgaris

‘Oriental Limelight’


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Artemisia vulgaris ‘Oriental Limelight’

Light green foliage, brightly splashed and striped with yellow and cream, forms a colourful groundcover.
Both the colour and texture of Artemisia vulgaris ‘Oriental Limelight’ make it a brilliant groundcover highlight and contrast.
(See “Growing” section below for plant details & how to grow)

Tough & hardy groundcover

Artemisia vulgaris ‘Oriental Limelight’ is virtually bullet proof.
So it relishes hot, dry, windy, seaside positions.
The tougher the conditions the better for ‘Oriental Limelight’.
It also tolerates extremes of cold, heat, and frost. 
I use it for a brilliant contrast in Full Sun, and for the same reason in Dry Shade. And it thrives in both, as long as it is DRY.

Growing: Artemisia vulgaris ‘Oriental Limelight’

Height with flowers: ‘Oriental Limelight’ grows to a height of 40cm. approx. when it is in flower.
But as the flowers are insignificant, I prefer to shear off the flower stems once a year.
And just keep it as a colourful groundcover. 
Width: Forms a groundcover to a diameter of 80-100cm. approx.
Position: A position where it has Full Sun, dry, and very well drained soil is usual. However it will also cope in Dry Shade, as long as it is dry and not humid shade.
The tougher the conditions the better for ‘Oriental Limelight’.
So it relishes hot, dry, windy, seaside positions. 
And it also tolerates extremes of cold and heat, frost, and dry conditions.

Drought & frost proof groundcover

Soil: Enjoys soils with excellent drainage, and thoroughly enjoys sandy, gravel or rocky soils. Thrives in soils with poor nutrient levels.
‘Oriental Limelight’ accepts average garden loam happily. But will not be so happy to see fertilizer, manure or compost. 
– Water-wise: ‘Oriental Limelight’ can get by on just a sniff of water.
It will tolerate dry and drought like conditions with ease, once established. 
Frost: Extremely frost hardy due to it’s desert habitat. So it can tolerate very hard frosts down to well below -20C.
Growth: Evergreen perennial groundcover. It does spread but is not invasive, especially when planted in difficult conditions.

Other benefits

Fragrance: Pleasantly aromatic leaves, with the scent especially pronounced after rain and in heat and dry.
– Beneficial for wildlife: Valuable to bees. 
– Low Care: An annual hard cut back to reshape after (or even before) flowering is the only work needed. It does not like to be fertilized or fed with compost or manure. And watering is at an absolute minimum. 
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Eureka! Chewing pests are repelled by the bitter taste and oils in the foliage. 

Naturally drought resistant 

Origin: Artemisia vulgaris is native to Europe, Asia, and northern Africa. Where it grows in a wide range of arid and semi arid habitats.

Useful companion plant for centuries

– Beware; Artemisia vulgaris may cause allergic reactions in some people.
Medicinal uses: Artemisia vulgaris has been used for centuries to treat heartburn and indigestion.
It also has a long history of use in herbal treatments for anxiety and depression. And it is still offered today in such herbal remedies.
Insect repellent uses: The foliage is useful in insect repelling saches and pot pourri. It is great for keeping “critters” out of cupboards, pantries. As well as out of the veggie and fruit patch, or away from the roses. 

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