Artemisia lactiflora

‘Jim Russell’


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Artemisia lactiflora ‘Jim Russell’

Elegant flowers & foliage

Feathery plumes of white and pink flowers in summer and autumn. They tower 90cm. above a neat mound of feathery foliage.
However Artemisia lactiflora ‘Jim Russell’ is an elegant plant all year round.
It not only provides a beautiful vertical statement when soaring into flower, but the finely feathered, soft textured foliage clump contributes to the garden design throughout the year. 
Long blooming over approximately 3 months.

Handsome cut flowers

The tall, straight stemmed, summer plumes make wonderful cut flowers. They last particularly well in a vase. Blooms also make excellent dried flowers.
The pleasantly aromatic leaves can be dried and used in potpourri, herb sachets, and insect repelling bags.    

Where to use in the garden

Artemisia lactiflora ‘Jim Russell’ makes a beautiful background plant in the garden. Both the fine, softly coloured plumes, and the pretty foliage clump, set off the colours of all other flowers. The foliage is handsome enough to also make it a feature container plant.
A useful plant for seaside gardens, woodland gardens, as well as open garden beds.

Suitable positions & conditions

‘Jim Russell’ grows well in Full Sun to 1/2 Shaded garden positions. However unlike many other cousins in the Artemisia family, lactiflora types do not relish extreme heat. So in very hot summer districts, it is wise to plant your clump in a partly shaded area.
Artemisia lactiflora is very frost hardy and can withstand hard frost in excess of -10C.
This hardy plant tolerates a wide range of soils, from sandy to clay, from acid to alkaline lime soils. Though they can tolerate moist and streamside locations, they do not thrive in frequently waterlogged soils.
Average, normal garden watering is all that is required. They are not particularly thirsty plants.


Height with flowers: 90cm. tall, straight flowering stems, above a neat, low mound of ferny foliage.
Width: 75cm. wide foliage clump.
– Position: Full Sun to 1/2 Shade. Some Shade is beneficial in very hot districts.
Soil: Not particularly fussy, but does not enjoy being waterlogged. Tolerates a range of soils from sandy to clay. Tolerates both acid and alkaline lime soils.
Fragrance: The leaves are pleasantly aromatic, though the flowers have little scent.
Frost: Very frost hardy and can withstand hard frost in excess of -10C. 
Growth: Evergreen perennial
Beneficial to wildlife: Provides nectar for bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects and pollinators.
Beware: People who suffer for dermatitis etc. should wear gloves when handling, as a percentage of people may have some allergic skin reaction.
Care: Very easy and low maintenance. An annual shear back after flowering is all the work required, apart from normal fertilizer application in spring.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: The essential oils in all parts of the plant make it bitter and unpalatable to rabbits and deer.
Origin: Native to woodlands, shrubby thickets, stream banks in northern India, China, and Southeast Asia.
Myths & Legends: The Artemisia family is named for Artemis, the ancient Greek goddess of the moon, wild animals and hunting.
Traditional Herbal uses: The plant is used in traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of liver and menstrual disorders. 


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