Artemisia ‘Genipi’



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Artemisia ‘Genipi’


Artemisia ‘Genipi’ is an invaluable companion plant in any hot, dry or water starved garden.
The silky texture and shimmering silver colour is superb all year round.
And the foliage absolutely hugs the ground to make a drought resistant groundcover.
You just can’t resist patting it and running your fingers through the silver silk. 
(See “Growing” section below for plant details & how

Shimmers like silver silk through the hottest days

Because the foliage shimmers cool and silver through the heat blasts of summer, giving the garden a fresh look on even the hottest days.

Drought resistant & water-wise

Artemisia ‘Genipi’ can thrive on the merest sniff of water once it is established.
And it basks in sun, heat, dry, wind, poorer soils, sand and seaside positions.
As well as being very frost hardy.
It also looks superb draping over an edge, and swooning out of a decorative bowl or urn.

Useful & beautiful groundcover

Aromatic Artemisias are a traditional bug repellent companion plant for roses and vegies, and in pot-pourri. You can even use a sprig to flavour an aperitif drink. 

Growing: Artemisia ‘Genipi’

– Height with flowers: Artemisia ‘Genipi’ forms a dense groundcover of silver filaments. 
As it lies absolutely flat to the ground.
But don’t worry about the flowers – because they are insignificant. Just chop them off with the hedge trimmers or whipper snipper if you like.
So it is all about the wonderful, flat foliage mat with Artemisia ‘Genipi’
– Width: Neat, perfectly flat groundcover mat of  silver-white, to a diameter of 60cm. approx.
– Growth: Evergreen perennial. So it glows all year round with that silky silver-white foliage.

Drought proof groundcover

– Position: Full Sun. And it relishes any spot that is hot, dry, exposed or windy, once it is established.
Artemisia ‘Genipi’ can also handle some salt spray. So it is ideal for coastal gardens, or where the water may be a little salty.
– Soil: Will tolerate a range of soil conditions. But good drainage is essential.
Artemisia ‘Genipi’ is much better (and even more like silver silk) when it is grown in poor, rocky, or sandy soil. It does not respond well to rich or heavy soil.
– Frost: Very frost hardy, as it can tolerate hard frosts down to -20C approx.

Low care companion plant

– Beneficial: A favourite bug repelling companion plant.
– Fragrance: The foliage is aromatic. And the aroma is reputed to keep flies and other pesky bugs away. So ‘Genipi’ can be used as a companion plant in veggie and fruit gardens, or in pots around the BBQ and back door. It looks sensational draping over the edge of a wide, low bowl.
– Care: Easy and low maintenance. 
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Bliss for all gardeners. Deer and rabbits detest the taste of it.

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