Arisaema candidissimum



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Arisaema candidissimum


Candy striped pink blooms in late spring – early summer. Above shiny arrow shaped foliage.
Making Arisaema candidissimum an aristocrat of the garden as well as garden history. 
The striking flowers are also beautifully perfumed, and make excellent, long lasting cut flowers.

Hardy & easy Cobra

Arisaema candidissimum is considered the easiest and hardiest of all Cobra Lilies to grow. 
As many of it’s exotic cousins are pernickety customers, and usually the domain of specialists and Arisaema connoisseurs. However this is a spectacular Cobra for all gardeners.

Growing: Arisaema candidissimum 

– Height with flowers: Imposing, strong upright stems of candy stripe pink flowers to 40cm.
– Width: Forms a gently spreading clump to a diameter of 60cm approx.
– Position: Enjoys the shade and leaf litter underneath trees and shrubs. Woodland conditions of dappled light and shade to full shade are perfect. It can tolerate a little gentle morning sun. But it is a creature of the shadows.

– Soil: The beautiful Cobra Lily is not really fussy about soil type. So the soil can vary from sandy to rich soil full of organic matter. Nor is it particularly fussy about soil pH. So it enjoys either acid or alkaline (lime) soils.
However it does not like to dry out too much in the summer, or be too waterlogged for long periods when dormant. All in all plenty of compost and summer mulch will serve it well.

Exceptionally frost hardy

– Frost hardy: Exceptionally frost hardy, as it can tolerate severe frosts to -30C approx.
– Growth: Knobbly corms rest beneath the soil, until they erupt with the spectacular flowers in late spring. Then leaves follow the flowers over summer. And then it dies back to the tough, knobbly gnarled corms for the winter. So it is exceptionally tough and hardy. The corms gently increase each year to form a slowly spreading clump. It is in no way invasive (you should be so lucky).
– Fragrance: The lovely candy pink striped flowers have a sweet fragrance. Plus they make excellent cut flowers.

Easy low care

– Care: Arisaema candidissima is hardy, and low care once established.
It is tough, and generally not plagued by any pests or diseases. However if you have a heavy population of slugs and snails you may have to protect it.
Beware: All parts of the plant are toxic if eaten by humans – though it has to be said it does not look like you would want to eat it. The sap from the stems may also irritate if you get it in your eyes or on your skin. Wear gloves.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: The upside of having sap that irritates, is that deer and rabbits wont eat the plant. Clever plant.
– Origin: Native to oak forests and woodlands in western China.

An intrepid plant hunter with an Australian connection

Our true pink striped plants seem to be descendants of the original clone introduced by the great plant hunter George Forrest.
Forrest was an intrepid Scotsman who actually lived in Australia for 10 years, and sought his fortune here in 1891 during the gold rush.
But the gold was elusive, so he returned to Scotland in 1902 and found employment at the royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.
By 1904 he was away on the first of 10 plant hunting trips to the wilds of western China.
Where he was delighted and astonished to find the beautiful Arisaema candiddissimum glowing in the forests.   


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