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Arabis procurrens ‘Variegata’

A dianty but vigorous groundcover, with variegated foliage and fine white heads beginning in Spring and flowering on.
However it is the foliage that is the true treasure on Arabis procurrens ‘Variegata’.
And that is there for you all year round. 

Fine white heads and sparkling foliage

Glossy dark green leaves are edged with a thick white margin, which blushes with light pink in winter.
Then in earliest spring, masses of pure white flowers are held in jaunty clusters, high above the foliage mat.
(Please see the “Growing” section below for plant details, how / where to grow).

A flat out groundcover

Arabis procurrens ‘Variegata’ makes a tight-knit, absolutely flat to the ground, evergreen mat of that lovely foliage. It is in no way invasive.
So it makes a wonderful front edge plant, carpet under roses, or filling and spilling out of a decorative container.
And let it wind its way between rocks and paving stones in an eye-catching fashion.
Because it is an excellent contrast plant.
And of course having sparkling white in both flower and foliage, it complements flowers of any colour. 

Companion cover for bulbs

The tight-knit dainty mat makes a perfect cover over seasonal small bulbs like Crocus and miniature Daffodils.
Then when the bulbs die away – you are not left with bare ground.  

Hardy & tough groundcover

Though so dainty, Variegated Rock Cress is actually a tough option.
As it withstands hot, dry & poor soil conditions well; tolerates a wide range of conditions from Full Sun to Part Shade; is water-wise and drought resistant. It does hail from Turkey after all. 
So it is often chosen for difficult areas of the garden where some other plants may not make a go of it. Though it will positively beam in ordinary, average garden conditions. 
The only work I can think of is perhaps a shear back after blooming to tidy up. 

Medal winning performer

Variegated Rock Cress is another great performer that has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit, and only the best all-rounders get that.

Growing: Arabis procurrens ‘Variegata’

Height with flowers: 15cm approx. in flower, though the foliage is flat to the ground.
Width: Makes a round mat of diameter 45cm. approx.
Position: Full Sun to Partial Shade, or Shade for part of the day. And it tolerates heat, dry and frost well. 
Soil: Tolerant of most soil types, including sandy, rocky, gravel and poor soils, as well as loam and clay. 
Though it really appreciates good drainage. It cannot tolerate waterlogged soils because it is so flat to the ground. 
However it is unfussy about soil pH.
So it can tolerate both acid and alkaline soils on both sides of neutral, and can actually tolerate quite a lot of lime.

Other benefits

Fragrance: Flowers have a light, sweet scent, which carries on the cold air when it blooms in earliest Spring.
Frost: Very frost hardy, as it can tolerate severe frosts to below -20C..
Growth: Evergreen perennial groundcover. Not invasive.
Beneficial for wildlife: The sweet scent of the flowers in very early Spring, seems to drag the Bees and other beneficial pollinators from far and wide.

Tough, easy, low care

Care: A very low maintenance plant.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Both seem to prefer not to at this lovely foliage.
Origin: Native to rocky slopes in Turkey. Hence the tolerance to heat, dry and desire for good drainage. 


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