Aquilegia viridiflora

‘Chocolate Soldier’


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Aquilegia viridiflora ‘Chocolate Soldier’ 

Aquilegia viridiflora ‘Chocolate Soldier’ is a heritage treasure.
As it has sweetly scented flowers of chocolate and green skirts, topped by long chocolate spurs.
Discerning gardeners have therefore treasured this dainty dwarf ever since 1902. 

Dainty dwarf with a sweet scent

Aquilegia viridiflora ‘Chocolate Soldier’ produces masses of quaint “Granny Bonnets” from mid-spring through into early summer. 
However the petit mound of lacy grey-green foliage is a decorative feature in the garden all year round.
(Please see “Growing” section below for details about, and how & where to grow)

No fuss, hardy & easy 

‘Çhocolate Soldier’ is a completely no-fuss, low maintenance, permanent joy.
As long as you plant him in some shade.
Because he is not at all a thirsty plant; really does not care about soil type; and is completely frost hardy, he is so easy to grow.
So if you give petit ‘Chocolate Soldier’ that shaded site, he will gently self seed and happily make a small colony for you.

Growing: Aquilegia viridiflora ‘Chocolate Soldier’

Height with flowers: 25 to 30 cm. approx.
Width: Evergreen clump of pretty, grey-green foliage to diameter of 15-20 cm. approx.
Position: Prefers to grow in ½ Shade / Dappled Sun / Morning Sun. However ‘Chocolate Soldier’ will also put up a good performance in deeper Shade because it is so hardy and obliging, Also ‘Chocolate Soldier tolerates dry periods well, as long as it has some shade. It will also thrive in more Sun If it is well mulched and given a little extra water. 
Soil: ‘Chocolate Soldier’ is a water-wise plant and does best without too much feed. So he is not fussy about soil type, except he detests being waterlogged.
Frost: Extremely frost hardy, because he is able to withstand severe frosts to far below -10C.
Growth: Evergreen perennial, with the prettiest petit clump of grey-grey leaves all year. .

Other benefits

Fragrance: Sweet scent.
Beneficial for wildlife: Because the flowers provide pollen for bees and nectar for moths. 
Care: Easy growing plant that requires little to no maintenance. You may wish to trim back spent flower stems after blooming, but you can leave them to self seed to increase your colony of delightful ‘Chocolate Soldier’s..
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Resistant to grazing by rabbits and deer as other plants are preferred first.
Origin: Native to forests and grassy slopes in China, Japan and Siberian Russia. But beloved by discerning gardeners who have appreciate its’ quaint, dainty elegance since 1902.


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