Antirrhinum hispanicum ‘Avalanche’



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Antirrhinum hispanicum ‘Avalanche’


The cutest little white snapdragons are produced in abundance above a thick carpet of of velvety grey, groundcover foliage on Antirrhinum hispanicum ‘Avalanche’.

So elegant but so tough

The mass of white little “snappies” are shown to perfection against the thick grey foliage carpet. 
Plus the buds may sometimes have a hint of pink, which only adds to the pretty effect.
Because it hails from southern Spain, this little perennial Snapdragon relishes any hot, dry conditions.
So it is a perfect groundcover choice for water-wise gardeners, or those with hot and dry positions.
And Antirrhinum hispanicum ‘Avalanche’ looks so good trailing over the rim of a container or cascading down an edge.  
(See “Growing” section below for plant details).

Growing: Antirrhinum hispanicum ‘Avalanche’

– Width: Groundcover or cascading mat spreading to a width of approximately 30cm.
– Position: Enjoys Full Sun and dry conditions.
So Perennial Snapdragons are always grateful for an exposed, windy site where the velvety grey foliage stays dry and well aired. They are ideal for gardens close to the sea, as they are also tolerant of a some salt in soil or wind.
– Soil: Very happy in any sandy, rocky, and well drained soils. But they will sulk in wet, retentive soil. 
– Water: A hardy native of southern Spain, Italy, Greece and even the Mediterranean shores of Northern Africa. So it comes as no surprise that this little groundcover is extremely tolerant of dry and hot conditions. Thus it is an excellent water-saving groundcover for water-wise gardeners. 

– Frost: Extremely frost hardy because it can tolerate even hard frosts to below -20C.
– Growth: Evergreen perennials groundcover or cascading mat.
– Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and other beneficial pollinating insects love poking their heads into the snapping dragon’s mouths to gather pollen and nectar.

– Care: Tremendously easy care and low maintenance – as long as you give it the sunny, dry, windy, well drained spots it loves. Otherwise there is nothing to do.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Reports are that rabbits and deer are not particularly attracted to it, and do nit place it high on their menu choice. Though no doubt if they were starving they would give it a nibble.
– Origin: Hot, dry, rocky, windy places and exposed sites, including sea-side cliffs, in southern Spain, Italy, Greece and northern Africa. This gives it impeccable credentials as a water-wise, hardy plant. 


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