Anthriscus sylvestris



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Anthriscus sylvestris ‘Ravenswing’

Mounds of chocolate-black fine ferny foliage, topped by clouds of fine misty flowers, makes Anthriscus sylvestris ‘Ravenswing’ one of the most exquisite of contrast plants.
Though it is stylish anywhere, it is simply delicious planted under red or white roses.
So feature ‘Ravenswing’ in a pot, or use as a colour contrast in beds of any colour, where that wonderful dark foliage will pop.
It also happily supplies armloads of lacy white flowers for vases.

Chic garden design

Certainly the darling of chic garden designers today, because of the combination of airy grace with tough, reliable hardiness,

Hardy & reliable

Anthriscus sylvestris ‘Ravenswing’ can be planted in either Full Sun to 1/2 Shade, as well as Dappled Shade/Sun and Woodland conditions.
But because it is so adaptable, wherever you put it, it makes a neat, thick ever-black cushion of those lovely ferny leaves.
Certainly it looks stunning planted in swathes under trees and shrubs, as well as basking in sun amongst the roses.
As it will gently self-sow you will always have some new baby “ravens” to plant in graceful drifts or share with friends. 

Easy care & water-wise

‘Ravenswing’ is hardy, easy to grow, and requires very little maintenance, despite that delicate appearance.
As it is actually quite tough and frost hardy. 
It is also water-wise, as it only requires average garden watering, and can tolerate periods of dry reasonably well particularly if given some summer shade.

Growing: Anthriscus sylvestris ‘Ravenswing’

Height with flowers: Clouds of lacy flowers make a white mist to 45cm approx. during spring and summer, While the chocolate-black foliage forms a mound to approx. 25cm all year round.  
Width: Foliage mound is approx. 45cm diameter.
Position: Can be planted in Full Sun to 1/2 Shade, Dappled Shade and Woodland conditions, because it is so very adaptable.
Soil: Very unfussy, as it will tolerate a wide range of soils from sandy to clay, acid pH to lime alkaline soils. The only thing it cannot abide is being waterlogged. 
Frost: Can take frosts to at least -10C in its stride.
Growth: Evergreen (actually ever chocolate-black) perennial which gently self-sows.

Other benefits:

– Beneficial for wildlife: Bees, butterflies, and other useful pollinating insects find paradise amongst the clouds of nectar rich flowers. 
– Care: No fuss, because it is such easy care, low maintenance. So the only work required is to cut spent flower stems (unless you have already harvested them for cut flowers). 
Deer & Rabbit resistant:
Origin: Anthriscus grows in hedgerows, woodlands and grassy meadows across widespread areas of Europe and North West Africa. Such diverse habitats testifies to the plant’s hardy and adaptable nature.
Wealth of Common Names: Anthriscus has acquired a wealth of common names over many centuries. 
So it is also known as “Queen Anne’s Lace”, “Gypsy Lace”, “Lady’s Needlework” and “Cow Parsley” .  Plus “Keck”, “Fairy Lace”, “Spanish Lace”, “Grandpa’s Pepper” and “Badman’s Oatmeal”.  As well as “Mother Die” (oh dear! – but it is definitely not poisonous!)



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