Amsonia hubrichtii



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Amsonia hubrichtii


Clustered heads of powder blue stars give Amsonia hubrichtii the common name of Blue Star.
Because it is such an unusual blue colour, of a softness rarely found amongst garden flowers. 

Unusual powder blue stars

So while Amsonia hubrichtii does not shout at you (until autumn that is), it is invaluable as a soft colour contrast to other brighter garden flowers.
And the lovely arching shape provides structural beauty right through.
(See “Growing” section below for plant and cultivation details).

Plus glorious neon autumn colour

I love the foliage of Amsonia hubrichtii as much as I love the powder blue flowers.
Because it forms a beautiful clump of fine willow like leaves, on arching stems that make a fountain shape. 
Firstly the flowers form on the tips like a crown of powder blue in spring and summer.
Then it goes on to give wonderful autumn colour of neon vivid gold and fire foliage.
So it really extends the season of beauty and garden value. 

Hardy & easy to grow

Amsonia hubrichtii is very undemanding, trouble free, and low maintenance.
And it also provides lovely cut flowers for your vase.

Winner of “Perennial of the Year” award

Refined Amsonia hubrichtii won the prestigious “Perennial of the Year” award in 2011.
So it was no mean feat to impress the very discerning international Perennial Plant Association.

Growing: Amsonia hubrichtii


– Height with flowers: Beautiful clump which arches in a fountain shape to 75cm approx.
– Width: Arching to a diameter of 75cm. approx.

Hardy & easy

– Position: Sun to Partial Shade. In very hot districts it may appreciate a little later afternoon shade so the fine flowers and foliage do not burn. But it is not a thirsty plant.
– Soil: Amsonia hubrichtii is a very obliging plant and will adapt to a wide range of soils, from sandy to clay. The only thing it objects to is being permanently waterlogged. 
It will also tolerate a wide range of soil pH, from acid to alkaline (lime). Suitable for gardeners with limestone soils.
Water-wise: Amsonia hubrichtii is not a thirsty plant, and it can tolerate periods of dry with a minimum of additional summer water. Average garden watering is ample. Recommended for water-conscious gardeners. 

– Fragrance:
– Frost: Very frost hardy. As it can tolerate even severe frosts down to -20C.
– Growth: Arching perennial clump with exquisite autumn foliage colour. And the fine willow like leaves are fresh and green all spring and summer. Deciduous during winter.
– Beneficial for wildlife: The crowns of nectar rich flowers give great feed for bees, butterflies and other beneficial pollinators.

– Care: Amsonia hubrichtii is a very easy care, hardy, easily grown, and low maintenance plant. Plus it is also largely pest and disease free. So the only work required is a shear back to the ground in winter to tidy up.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Deer and rabbits tend to steer clear, as the milky sap has a bitter burning taste. However it is not poisonous to humans.
– Origin: Native to a wide range of grassland habitats in the mid-west of America. So this explains it’s hardiness and adaptabilty.