Allium hollandicum

‘Purple Sensation’


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Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’

Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ produces spectacular globes of deep violet, star-shaped flowers, on strong, tall stems.

Traditional “Companion Plant” for repelling insect pests

It will make itself perfectly at home in a sunny flower bed, and it is a traditional companion plant with roses, vegetables and fruit, as it helps to keep the insect pests at bay.
And it works just as well in a larger container.

Growing: Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’

– Height with flowers: 80cm approx.
– Width: 30cm approx.
– Position: Full Sun is optimum. It will tolerate Partial Shade as long as it is dry and well drained. Rosemary Verey’s arched tunnel of golden Laburnums underplanted with these bulbs – is one of the most breath-taking sights of the gardening world when it is in full flower. The rich purple globes are perfect against the golden chains of Laburnum.
– Soil: Will tolerate a range of soil conditions but must be well drained. It is a good idea to plant the bulbs surrounded by a pocket of sand, unless of course your soil is already free draining sandy soil. Planting the bulbs in a little bed of sand ensures good drainage and a dry sleep over winter. 

– Fragrance: None.
– Frost: Frost hardy bulb which can withstand frosts down to at least -10C.
– Growth: Hardy bulb which will increase by off-set bulbs each year to make a clump.
Upright, strong stems and grey-blue, leek like foliage.
– Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and also butterflies and other beneficial pollinators all love the nectar rich flower globes. All Alliums are traditional companion plants for repelling insect pests in vegetable and fruit gardens. 

– Care: Easy and low maintenance. The bulbs do not need to be lifted, and they flower best if not over fed.

– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Not first choice for these pests. They clearly don’t like the strong onion flavour.
– Origin: Native to Iran and Kyrgyzstan but widely cultivated as an ornamental because of its attractive purple flowers. 


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