Alchemilla mollis



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Alchemilla mollis

The classic groundcover to create a haze of colour. Alchemilla mollis LADY’S MANTLE produces frothy lime heads to 45cm. over a neat and pretty foliage clump. Leaves are cupped and fringed, so they capture dewdrops like spangles on a lace collar. Compact neat grower with delightful leaves. Prefers some afternoon shade in all but the coolest climate. 1/2 Shade, Dappled Light, Shade, Morning Sun. Frost hardy. Stands clay soil.

Growing:Alchemilla mollis

Height with flowers: 20cm approx.
Width: 30cm – 40cm approx.
Position: Partial Shade, Woodland but will tolerate Full Sun, but the lovely foliage may scorch in hot areas.
Soil: Adapts to a wide range of soils, and even tolerates clay.
Frost: Hardy, remains evergreen even in hard frosts.
Growth: Evergreen perennial. Hardy groundcover.

Easy care & loved by wildlife

Beneficial to wildlife: Good source of pollen and nectar to bees, pollinators and butterflies over a long period. 
Beware: Not recommended today for use as a herbal medicine, even though it has a long history of use. 
Care: Very low maintenance. The only work you may wish to do is a chop back after flowering has finished.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Not attractive to rabbits and deer.
– Origin: Hardy native ground-cover widely distributed in north eastern countries of South America, such as Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. Can be found from the sea to the Andes Mountains – so a very hardy and adaptable plant.  


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