Alchemilla epipsila GEORGIAN LADIES MANTLE


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An elegant “Ladies Mantle”, not as big and rampant as the “English Ladies Mantle” – Alchemilla Mollis, and much better suited to Australian garden conditions. However it gives that same lovely, frothy, foamy lime look. Delightful scalloped foliage that collects dew in pearls on pleated edges, and grows as a neat, compact clump. A foam of lime green, fine frothy flowers erupts over summer to 40cm. They are lovely cut flowers for vases, and a delight in the garden. Prefers ½ Shade or Dappled Light under trees and shrubs for normal growing, but if beside a pond or in a wet spot or clay soil will also do very happily in Full Sun. Stands clay soil. Frost hardy. A plant of myth and legend that has accumulated many folk tales and medicinal uses.