Alchemilla andina




Alchemilla andina CARPET LADY’S MANTLE


A cloud of lime-lemon flowers, float above a thick weed-proof mat of scalloped foliage. Alchemilla andina Carpet Lady’s Mantle repeat blooms through spring, summer and autumn with frothy bunches of the tiny, scented flowers. The scent is light, sweet, and honey like which becomes more apparent when the bunches are brought indoors as cut flowers for small posies.

Groundcover foliage

Each shiny leaf collects pearls of dew around the fringed edge, making the carpet of foliage sparkle when there is rain or dew.
Alchemilla andina is the most effective groundcover of all the Lady’s Mantles.
The foliage is dense and weed suppressing, forming a tight-knit carpet to approximately 20cm high. The shiny, leathery leaves remain brightly evergreen through even the hardest frosts. Spreads to make a tight carpet quite quickly, but is not invasive. 

Where to plant

Carpet Lady’s Mantle can cope in a variety of soils and light conditions. Happily for sub-tropical gardeners, it tolerates summer humidity well, thanks to its’ native habitat range in the north east of the South American continent.
Also very frost hardy, as it grows high in the Andes Mountains as well as by the sea in its’ native territory.
Grows best in Part Shaded positions, enjoying Dappled Sun and Shade under trees and shrubs, or Morning Sun with Afternoon Shade. Also thrives in Full Shade cover as long as it has good light levels. Tolerates clay soils well.

Uses in the garden

Perfect groundcover under trees, shrubs and roses. Probably the toughest of all the Lady’s Mantles, and a good one to begin with. Can be used between paving stones and can withstand light foot traffic.

Use in your home

The clouds of flowers are a well stocked store of nectar and pollen for bees, other pollinators and useful insects, and butterflies. The long blooming season makes Alchemilla andina very useful to our flying friends.  Flowers can be cut for small vases where they last well. 


Height with flowers: 20cm approx.
Width: 30cm – 40cm approx.
Position: Partial Shade, Woodland, Will tolerate Full Sun, but lovely foliage may scorch in hot areas.
Soil: Well Drained. Tolerates clay
Frost: Hardy, remains evergreen even in hard frosts.
Growth: Evergreen Perennial. Hardy groundcover.
Beneficial to wildlife: Good source of pollen and nectar to bees, pollinators and butterflies over a long period. 
Beware: Not recommended for use as a herbal medicine. 
Care: Very low maintenance.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Not attractive to rabbits and deer.
– Origin: Hardy native ground-cover widely distributed in north eastern countries of South America, such as Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. Can be found from the sea to the Andes Mountains – so a very hardy and adaptable plant.  

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