Agastache rugosa ‘Liquorice White’

A sturdy upright bloomer that doesn’t require staking. The stubby spikes of white flowers are borne all through the Summer months and are ideal for cutting. The mid green, rather wrinkled, oval leaves resemble that of a Rugosa Rose, hence the name. Agastache rugosa ‘Liquorice White’ is an easy care plant that enjoys Full Sun and dryer, well drained soils. Even better, those large fragrant blooms make a showy, lasting cut flower.

Licorice flavoured flowers

The flowers of this Agastache are very fragrant and are also edible with a licorice flavor. Young leaves can be used in salads, decorate cakes, to make tea or floated in refreshing drinks.

Growing: Agastache rugosa ‘Liquorice White’

– Height with flowers: 75cm approx.
– Width: 45cm approx.
– Position: Full Sun as well as Partial Shade.
– Soil: Will tolerate a range of soil conditions but must be well drained.

– Fragrance: Fragrant blooms
– Frost: Hardy
– Growth: Perennial
– Attracts: Bees as well as all types of beneficial pollinators.

– Care: Easy to grow and very little maintenance required for top results. Deadhead spent flowers to promote additional bloom.

– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Generally disease and pest free and resistant to deer and rabbits.
– Origin: Native throughout Japan, China, Korea and Siberia. It is the only Asian species in the Agastache family.


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