‘Lavender Bliss’


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Agastache ‘Lavender Bliss’

Agastache ‘Lavender Bliss’ is a powerhouse of colour.
Because it produces copious heads of rich lavender flowers all through the warm months over summer and autumn, perfectly complimented by tiny sage grey-green leaves.
(See “Growing” section below for plant details and growing advice)

Great value in small gardens

Agastache ‘Lavender Bliss’ is particularly useful for small gardens. Because of it’s compact, neat growth and continuous flowering.
It is one of the smallest growing of all the Agastache. But without stinting on flowers.

Mint flavoured flowers & foliage

The flowers and foliage of Agastache ‘Lavender Bliss’ are very fragrant, and also edible.
‘Lavender Bliss’ has a sweet minty flavour and scent.
So young leaves can be used fresh in salads; to decorate and flavour cakes; to make tea or floated in refreshing cool drinks.

Growing: Agastache ‘Lavender Bliss’

– Height with flowers: Upright growth to 70cm approx.
And the flower heads make up a particularly long section of that 80cm.
– Width: Shrubby densely foliaged bush to a diameter of 50cm approx.
– Position: Plant in Full Sun, but it will also tolerate some Partial Shade, as long as the shade is on the dry side, well aired, and not damp.

Water-wise & drought resistant

– Soil: Agastache will tolerate a range of soil types, but all soils must be well drained.
However Agastache take deep exception to being waterlogged.
– Water-wise: Agastache ‘Lavender Bliss’ has a high degree of drought tolerance, once it is established. So it will thrive with a minimum of water, and just an occasional deep watering in long very hot periods.
– Frost: Frost hardy down to approx -10C.
– Growth: Shrubby, bushy evergreen perennial.

Easy grower, low maintenance

– Fragrance: Both the foliage and flowers are deliciously scented of mint.
– Beneficial for wildlife: The nectar rich flowers attract bees, butterflies and pollinating insects like magnets.
So plant ‘Lavender Bliss’ near your veggies and orchard. As it will help attract the pollinators to set the fruit. 
– Care: Easy to grow and very little maintenance required for top results.
Deadhead spent flowers to promote additional bloom (though it will keep going if you forget). And a shape up after winter to promote new growth is beneficial if it has been a hard winter.

– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Agastache ‘Lavender Bliss’ is resistant to deer and rabbits.
As it appears they do not like the mint scent and flavour.
It is also rarely, if ever, troubled by pests and diseases.
– Origin: Agastache ‘Lavender Bliss’ is a recent introduction. So it has especially bred for compact, tidy growth and maximum flower production.