Aconitum x cammarum

(White Form)



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Aconitum x cammarum (White Form)


White spires of hooded flowers to 140cm. like stacks of monk’s cowls – hence the name.

Blooms with the showy spires over summer and autumn.
Excellent cut flower. neat clump of pretty foliage.
Easy grower once established, and obligingly non-fussy.
Grows in a range of positions, from Full Sun, 1/2 Shade and Dappled Light, and will even put up a show in Full Shade, though the flowers will be sparser and the stems not so robust in greater shade. The other common name of “Wolf’s Bane” comes from the ancient practice of making a poison for arrow tips, used in hunting wolves. 

Growing: Aconitum x cammarum (White Form)

Height with flowers: 140cm approx.
Width: 70cm approx.
Position: Full Sun, 1/2 Shade and Dappled Light, and even Full Shade.
Soil: Moist yet well drained. Tolerates almost any soil (that is not too dry).

Fragrance: None.
Frost: Hardy.
Growth: Herbaceous Perennial.
Attracts: Bees, Butterflies and birds.

BEWARE: All parts of Aconitum x cammarum are poisonous if eaten. Care should also be taken when cutting back or dividing – please wear rubber gloves – as the juice also contains the poisonous alkaloids. Roots and seeds have the greater concentrations of alkaloids.
Care: Very easy and low maintenance plant. Cut flower stem back to ground level in Autumn when flowers are spent.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Both rabbits and deer avoid eating the poisonous foliage and flowers.
Origin: Native to the mountainous parts of the Northern Hemisphere, growing in the moist, free draining soils of mountain meadows.


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