David and Merryle Johnson who are a creative and endearing couple, have a small picturesque farm in the little village of Nayook with a garden so beautiful it could easily be described in a great English novel.

Their pronounced love of gardening, garden design, the arts and gourmet food has led David and Merryle to the enjoyment of travelling the world to share their passion, their discovery of the world’s best gardens, the nicest gourmet food, and the most beautiful countryside with fellow travellers.

Merryle said she has always loved gardening, and garden plants have been their business for the last 20 years and travel for the last 12. “When I married David, he thought that gardening was mowing a pocket handkerchief lawn once a month, but he caught the bug too. After we bought the farm in 1981, with good soil and plenty of spring water, he just fell in love with the garden.”

She said her gardening interest developed when she was a child. “I grew up on a family farm with three family generations. Our parents were always busy working so it was our grandmother who looked after us as little kids and she loved gardening.”

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